Get started in 3 easy steps

  • Install the plugin in wordpress.
  • Whiltelist your WP site in PhpList. (CORS)
  • Import phplist subscription forms and publish


  • You must be able to edit the .htaccess file on the phplist domain (plugin uses cors)
  • jQuery library

Adding CORS headers to PhpList

    Connect to your PhpList server using ftp or ssh and edit the .htaccess file in the root folder of phplist. Add these two commands and replace the origin url with your wordpress domain:
    access-control-allow-methods: POST, GET


Enter or copy the phplist subscription url into the import textfield on the admin page and press import

Guidelines when editing imported forms:

  • A form should have the 'subscribeform' class in order for the javascript library to detect and use it.
  • Add 'required' attributes to required input fields.
  • Each form must have an unique id attribute (espcially when using multiple forms on one page)
  • Do not edit the action and enctype attributes on the form element.
  • Do not edit the name attributes on input elements

Multiple forms can be added on one page using Wordpress shortcodes (example: [phplist-subber id=1])
Custom response messages and validation rules can be added per subscription form on the edit page

Easly import PhpList forms

Three easy steps: Enter the PhpList url, hit the import button and publish your form.

Accessible through shortcodes

Insert your subscription forms anywhere you want in a page or post.

Fully customizable

Edit the form in wordpress after importing the subscription page from phplist.

Multiple forms on one page

Create wordpress pages with multiple subscription forms using shortcodes.

Custom validation rules

Easly add custom validation rules to a form.

Uses Ajax for submissions

Users can subscribe to a PhpList subscription without leaving your wordpress site.

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